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Rent textbooks from eCampus

Quick Stats:

Up to reported 75% savings renting versus buying
Quality Only uses brand new books
Customer Service Focused on the customer
Social Network Has a fan page.
Shipping Free return shipping


Website – Easy to use and clearly written policies.

Flexibility – Multiple rental periods.

Mission Statement – will reinvent the traditional bookstore by providing a convenient, cost effective alternative to retail book sales.


Category Search – Damage policy is strict. So read it thoroughly.

Bottom Line:

Preparing to enter the eTextbook realm. Players. Active Coupons and Discounts. Thumbs up.


Rent textbooks from eCampus

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3 thoughts on “eCampus Review

  1. Meg Bernardo says:

    They will charge you over list price for the book if you do not return it on time EVEN IF YOU CONTACT THEM!!! I contacted expressing that I had a delay in returning the book, ECampus rep stated if returned by specified date would be ok. Two days later recieved an email stating if returned by that same date I would recieve 75% of the $240 they charged my card for the non-returned book!! Book wasn’t even $240 new!! Book wasn’t new it was very used ($146.11 for used book on site), and I did not get any warning regarding this charge, they emailed me AFTER they had already charged me for it!! DON”T BUY OR RENT FROM ECAMPUS!!!!!

  2. Irina says:

    the most disgusting rental company to deal with!! stay away please.
    first of all, they were late one week with shipment of the books, even though I paid extra for faster shipment. when I claimed my money back, they promised they will put it on my account, which had never happened.
    moreover, if you want to talk to somebody from customer service – forget about it. you will stay on line for an hour without anybody answering it.
    moreover, they stated I damaged one of the books, which I didnt even open (professor mainly used her powerpoint so there was no need for a textbook) and wrote me an email that i will be charged extra for the “damage.”
    the worst experience for 5 years of college!!!
    please give yourself a favor and dont ever use their services.

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