Compare Rental/Buy-used Programs

Detail Overview of textbook rental programs

Use this table to compare features of the various textbook rental programs. Links send you to our review page. From there you can chose to visit the programs website.

Program Bookrenter Rentbooks Valorebooks
Detail Review more information
Bookrenter full review
more information
rentbooks full review
more information full review
more information
Valorebooks full review
Enter ISBN Direct visit vender
visit vender
visit vender
visit vender
Pricing Up to 75% savings Up to 95% savings Claims Best Up to 99%
Paypal Paypal Paypal
Google Checkout
Titles Millions Millions Two-million Millions
Service By Students for Students Web-centric Claims One on One
Incentive Support a Child Incentivesd Contests Incentives
Guarantee 30-day
Shipping Free return shipping Free shipping threshold $49 Free shipping threshold $25 Free shipping threshold $20
Markup No Limited/discretion
Social Tikiman Rocks! Yes Yes Yes
Ownership Option to sell or keep Option to sell or keep Option to sell or keep Option to sell or keep
Opinions: Market Leader Cost Leader Great Used Book Program Aggressive
We have removed our ratings as we found them too subjective.
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One thought on “Compare Rental/Buy-used Programs

  1. Aimee Hansen says:

    Watch out for Neebo! I just got two threatening letters from a collection agency saying that we Neebo is taking action against us because we didn’t pay for books that were damaged.
    Let me say, we never even got an email from Neebo saying the books were received damaged, much less a request to cover the cost.
    I personally examined the books before they were sent back (I love my kids, but, you know 🙂 and the books were in pristine condition.
    I logged on to find I could only “chat” but the chatter refused to resolve the issue, and “Rachel” also refused to have a supervisor call me about the issue.
    She said someone would call in a few days. Nothing specific and no explanation about how we went from renting books to a collection agency in one step.
    Don’t use them.

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