Stinging Reviews of Textbook Rental Programs and Services

Is it a correct assumption that you have visited as you are looking for feedback from consumers from their experiences? Provided your answer is “yes,” we regret to inform you that all the feed back from anyone leaving feed back is negative.

It pretty easy to understand why, if you are pissed off because you think you’ve been misled or lied to, you are more likely to leave a scathing comment about any service or program. That’s what we do, we rant when we think we’ve been wronged.

Not saying that those experiences have been mis-represented, just that others with positive experiences experiences more likely than not will not leave a comment. Keep that in mind. Also, the most popular services and programs more likely than not will have the most negative feedback. That’s kind of ironic.

So, read the fine print and follow the guidelines to the letter. The programs and services are out to make money like any business. Is not that fair?

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