How to Rent, Buy-Used, or Sell Textbooks

  • Read the Fine Print
  • All of the companies have textbook rental policies that will cost you if you do not exactly follow their procedures. After you choose two or three companies, compare the cost of the rental, penalties for late returns, shipping costs, and mark-up policies.

  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Many of the companies offer 100% Free Shipping. Some of the companies have a minimum threshold.

  • Take advantage of Special Offers
  • Most companies have some sort of affinity or discount program, but be careful of the bait and switch.

  • Call them up before you rent
  • You can get a pretty good idea about customer service by talking to a representative. Call a second time to confirm the customer service. Send a email to them and see how long it takes for them to respond.

  • Compare Cost of Buying Used Textbooks
  • Yep, you own them, and you may be able to sell them back at your campus store. You can check the buy back payout with your campus store. Of course you’ll have no shipping cost if you deliver them yourself.

  • Careful of buy-back programs
  • Before you send your used books back, always make sure the company has an office in the United States. Call them up. Understand how you will get paid, and never give your credit card information to a company that does not check out.

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